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    Annual Prostate Cancer Conference Hosts Prostate Imaging Discussion

Annual Prostate Cancer Conference Hosts Prostate Imaging Discussion

Dr. Robert Princenthal will discuss benefits of and developments in MRI prostate imaging at annual conference hosted by the Prostate Cancer Research Institute.

Breast Cancer Screening After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Mammogram After Breast Augmentation Surgery

mammogram after breast augmentationA mammogram is a diagnostic tool used to detect breast cancer as early as possible. Research has shown that regular mammograms can lead to detection of breast cancer at less advanced stages, which can prevent the need for more radical cancer treatment such as mastectomy.

Studies have shown that a woman who selects a breast augmentation surgery and has breast implants is no more likely to develop breast cancer than a woman who does not have implants. However, […]

More Research Points to Benefits of Screening Mammography

Independent researchers from the U.S. and Norway have revealed data showing that screening mammography programs reduce deaths from breast cancer and incidences of late-stage breast cancers.

Considering Some Prostate Cancer Facts for Father’s Day

Prostate cancer takes an incredible toll on American men, yet awareness of basic prostate cancer facts is lacking. 

What Is Mammography?

Early breast cancer detection is important for successful treatment and recovery. While breast self-examinations and clinical examinations are two important components in the fight against breast cancer, health care providers also recommend mammography screenings to help identify breast cancer in its early stages.

A common question some women have is what is mammography? Mammography is an X-ray procedure that can produce images of a patient’s breast tissue. It is an important tool to help medical providers discover breast cancer.

A breast radiologist acts as an expert consultant, aiding in choosing the proper examination, correlating the results and recommending further scans or treatments […]